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Bonnie's Madonna and Child 2020


On the radio the announcer said if being quarantined with your family is wearing just remember to be grateful you have a family and then she played. "You're Gonna Miss This" by Trace Adkins. Bonnie's Mother and child paintings serve as a reminder to hold each moment dear. You will miss th…

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Thriving in the New World Order

Bonnie is at work on a new angel painting. She has a story to tell and is focusing on the details. According to MikeNotJerry from Jerry's Artarama now is the time for us to thrive. We should take this opportunity and tell our story. It is a story that is both personal and universal and according…

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Bonnie's Paintings


Missing my art community. These painting were done by Bonnie and the onset of this series is a fun memory. Bonnie shared a painting she was working on in the studio a long while back. It was a beautiful landscape, but she was unhappy with the sky. She wanted something more. I told her abou…

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Mary Ann's paintings


I am a YouTube junkie. I love the new knowledge available...the new techniques. Mary Ann is one of the Gila Pueblo potters stranded in isolation because the of the corona virus. She shared with me and I with you her ventures in learning with YouTube. Had she not told me this is new learnin…

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Mary Ann's recent work


There is painting of Velasquez' princess in the last room of the Rene Cushman Gallery in Springerville, AZ. It is beautiful, but it was not done by the master himself. It was done by a student. Early in the 20th century it was considered the duty of an art student to copy the masters and those who w…

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Paddled Teapot

I pulled myself out of my e-reader and got out some clay. I intended to follow Jamie Meader's You Tube video on how to make an orb. She is one of the artist who have stepped up to the plate to share through the social isolation and one of my favorites. I did fine up to a point, but when it came …

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Mary Ann's recent work

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